A Taste of Brexit in Legal Caricatures






We all saw the abundance of caricatures and cartoons following the Brexit vote especially on the fallout from the legal challenge to the result and whether or not the Executive Government could be the ultimate arbiter.  Some to chew over:

Brexit, the Supreme Court, lawyers and logic

Three High Court judges ruled Theresa May cannot trigger Brexit without a vote in Parliament



The Verdict that re-writes the Rules of Brexit


Says Teresa May:

“I’m going to appeal this all the way to the … the … the …   … the European Court!”




The Supremes in action. Cartoonist Adamstoon’s take on the Court ruling:

Stop! In the name of love before you break my heart …

Think it over  Think it over





Steve Bell on High Court’s Brexit Ruling

Hey you!! Get off my Crown!



Who do you think you are?  Loaded foreign elite defy will of Brit voters



British newspapers react to judges’ Brexit ruling: ‘Enemies of the people’

Three Judges yesterday blocked Brexit. Now your country really does need you …

We must get out of the EU


An attack on the Rule of Law says human rights lawyer

The Judges versus the people


Senior bishop says Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph presentation of Brexit judges like something from Nazi Germany

Enemies of the people





The Supreme Court ruling, like the Brexit vote, has defended the sovereignty of Parliament





Brexit on Trial




Judges make History

“We’ve got our Parliament Back!”




Why the High Court’s ruling on Brexit was not an establishment stitch up




The point of law at issue is not whether Brexit can be triggered under article 50 of the Lisbon treaty, but how. What is the legal route?

‘Brexiteers and their media allies have declared war on our judiciary. On behalf of the people, the supreme court must push back’





Constitutional Crisis? Supreme Court Judge Warns UK May Face Major Brexit Delay





Brexitology – Lords Library briefing on responses to Art 50 judgment (Cartoon by @MartinShovel)





Brexit and the Supremes

You can’t hurry Brexit. No, you just have to wait. We say deals don’t come easy. It’s a game of give and take …




Justice for Treeza?






‘The Daily Mail front page branding the high court judges who ruled against the government ‘enemies of the people’ standing in the way of Brexit’ Photograph: Daily Mail





PM Teresa May and the Supreme Court


“Call yourselves Supreme? I’ll yake this all the way to the Court of public opinion!”

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