Defence lawyers, prosecutors, bewigged and bewildered using their legal minds to wage justice in the sometimes tyrannical world of truth and power in the criminal courts.

It’s in the long, sometimes ‘bloody’ battles of the court room, that defence lawyers speak truth to power.

Zealous advocacy without regard to gender, race, ideology, economic situation or popularity using any ethical and lawful means available.

One big war of words as we uphold the principals of our liberal democracy in Australia where our system of justice embraces many principals one famously expressed by Blackstone that it is “better that ten persons go free, than that one innocent suffer“. I’m not a betting person though and operate more along the lines of Clarence Darrow:



Strange as it may seem I grew to like to defend men and women charged with crime. It soon came to be something more than winning or losing a case. I sought to learn why one goes one way and another takes an entirely different road … I was dealing with life, with its hopes and fears, its aspirations and despairs.  With me it was going to the foundation of motive and conduct and adjustments for human beings, instead of blindly talking of hatred and vengeance, and that sublte, indefinable quality that men call “justice,” and of which nothing is really known.  Clarence Darrow, “The Story of My Life”






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