Boy Toddler as ‘Notorious RBG’


Stumbled across this cutie in my twitter feed, a toddler dressed as the ‘Notorious RBG’. In fact it’s quite a judicious little boy Ruth Bader Ginsburg robed in black gown and white lace jabot, finger pointed and gavel ready.

The image was posted to Instagram on 27 May by the little boy’s mother as follows:

 “my husband graduated law school today. So I made my son dress up as RBG. I think he really got into it.”  via Sarah Ramelli @Acrobee


She added in her Instagram feed, “I believe if there is a someone for my son to admire gender shouldn’t matter. My son should want to be like RBG.

How right is she.

I have posted stuff on ‘The Notorious’ including other baby RBGs before. Try the Related Links below or enter ‘Notorious and/or RBG in ‘Search’. Enjoy!

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