~ the phat 2 fat ladies: cooks, chefs & a barrister ~


“pass the magic pudding please”



Another lawyer who changed hats for food.

Clarissa sums up the visit to her past, I think I’m quite glad I gave up the law books for the recipe books.

TITLE: Barristers at Lincoln’s Inn NUMBER: Series 3, Episode 4 ORIGINAL AIRDATE: September 23, 1998 SETTINGS: Unusually, this episode opens with a field-trip prologue, set before sunrise. The ladies venture out to visit the famous Smithfield meat market in London. [The market’s business hours are 3 a.m. to midmorning.] Smithfield is in the same neighborhood as Lincoln’s Inn. The Inn is home to a professional association of barristers (with a voiceover reminding us that Clarissa used to be one) and is the place where ultimately they will be cooking. On the way there, they pass St. Paul’s Cathedral.





Lurching into Decreptitude


Don’t forget Brillat-Savarin, the father of gastronomy, the daddy of them all, another lawyer (and judge) who changed hats to become, perhaps, the biggest foodie of them all!

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