Barristerial sheep, woolly judges in powdered wigs!


At first blush one might think it was a flock of sheep but, no, just the gathering of 2015 Silks or Queens Counsel (QC) in full bottomed wigs at the Silk Ceremony.


The judicious full-bottomed powdered wig perfectly suited to a woolly sheep judge.

Chuckled when my Australian friend, Cindy, who lives in Minnesota, USA, judiciously observed that it must be a Judge from New Zealand!

You do know, don’t you, that in Australia we have kangaroo judges presiding over kangaroo courts.


Bewigged and judicious in full-bottomed wig

Membaas of the Baa


What about ANIMAL RIGHTS and anthropomorphization?

Why are Animal Activists Often Accused of Anthropomorphism?

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