Food, foodies, food history and a ton of recipes!



Last August, as part of my post about ironmongery and old cast iron kitchen stoves at home I mentioned The Old Foodie, a daily blog about the food history story including a recipe every weekday of the year.  Yes, every weekday.

Says the author,

"I am enthusiastic about food and food history, and love to write about it. Every weekday I give you a short story on a food history topic - always including at least one historic recipe, and sometimes a historic menu. And how much fun is that! I began this blog on October 31, 2005, with the intention of posting every Monday to Friday (including holiday days) without fail. I am proud to say I have not missed a day - and by the end of 2014 will have written over 2,500 posts! More often than not, more than one recipe is included (sometimes quite a few more) so the recipe count is in the many thousands. I am the author of several books with a food history theme, and hope you read and enjoy them too!"


Check it out!

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