~ ethics and representing the less popular ~



‘If you represent the less popular in society you transgress a moral law’.

Was saddened to hear the campaigning Mr. Trump make a statement to this effect in 2016 while attacking lawyers for defending persons charged with crimes.


The National Association of Criminal Defense lawyers (USA)

‘strongly condemns attacks by any party or candidate directed at any lawyer as a result of the attorney’s representation of clients in criminal matters. The nation’s criminal defense bar deserves gratitude, not condemnation. The men and women who represent accused persons, without regard to economic station or racial, ethnic, or national background, render a vital service to the nation. Most are proud to be criminal defense lawyers, and rightly so. Indeed, they are acting in the best traditions of our Founding Fathers.’


The same ethical requirements regarding justice and the rule of law apply in Australia.

We all have the right to a fair trial or, as is the preferred legal definition here, the right not to be tried unfairly, and a trial cannot be fair without a lawyer.

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