~ go powder your wig! ~


Even a piece of art can a barrister’s wig be.

I have mentioned the powdered wig in various posts in this blog too many to link here. Check the related links below or enter ‘wig’ or ‘powdered wig’ or ‘Captain Cook’ or ‘cook look’ or ‘barristers wig’ in Search and you are sure to find some interesting things on the wig.












But did you know that wearing the wig, or peruke, gives one the instant ‘Captain Cook’ look, the ‘Cook look’ I call it, or the George Washington look perhaps.

The Captian Cook look, a light-hearted nod to a part of Australia’s discovery and colonial history, is in deference to Captain James Cook, a man generally depicted in his grey wig or his own hair powdered and coifed to look like the wig perhaps!

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