Odd jobs at home at Angaston for Easter weekend

17966547_10210105363088428_1256407500928049172_o[1]Middle of autumn here and it’s the annual four day Easter weekend, a tradition in Australia.

A public holiday yesterday, Good Friday. Another on Monday, Easter Monday. Always missed the long Easter break when I lived in the USA.


So what we’re doing at the house today is a bit of this and that, re-organising and handyman/woman work (handy people’s work?) including moving cupboards, painting walls, a cupboard and a bookcase as well as general odd jobs that have been on the ‘to do’ list for ever!

Moving the books takes the most effort. Ugh! Can’t possibly live without them though. Balm for the soul along with wine soup 🙂


There are a few vintage barrels to be shifted. They are not a great problem to move as they are the smaller barrels not used for storing liquid these days so not overly heavy. Truly rustic with a weathered patina, they are decorative only and occupy a spot in the kitchen/living area.



Books and stuff here and one of my charming concrete angels, a statue I use inside or out. This particular angel design, or cherub (in a gown), while not old or hard to find, is one of my favourites not only because of its weathered iron, zinc, copper and rust finish, but because of its unique detail. This little one, barefoot, sits on its haunches, head peacefully resting on folded arms, eyes softly closed. While not an old statue worn, weathered and aged from years outside, an authenticity I prefer, its rustic pigments give it a vintage hue I like and that works well here.

I have a matching pair outside each in an urn and finished in similar rust and copper patina but without the blue zinc hues. When I say matching pair, I mean that they are mirror images of each other.


Barrel art. Rustitia. Texture. Wine. Staves. Rusty. Iron rings. Spigot. Brass Tap. Vintage.



Heavily weathered and textured wine barrel. Not quite a verdigris finish on the statue. Needs more green for that.


So, yes, it’s Easter Saturday, a day at home for us to do long overdue odd jobs.

Kind of glad we decided not to go away as the highway heading north to Port Wakefield and the coast from Adelaide was bumper to bumper traffic on Thursday evening. No thanks! Drive safely everybody.

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