Lawya Art: Wee Miniature Creations



Cutest little ornamental felted lawyer. I thought it was a mouse but believe it’s actually a barrister rabbit





Wearing the powdered wig and jabot and carrying the indispensible book of wonder – the law book or “La Ley” (the law) in Spanish.

Love these creative miniatures!




Little cuty knitted barrister mouse (longish nose) or kangaroo perhaps as feet tend to look more like that of a ‘roo.  Label says ‘Barrister-Kat’ which could of course refer to the creator or designer.

From Pinterest with no specific source for designer/pattern. *I would love to knit this one.




Definitely a Mr. Attorney mouse as nothing feminine about this cutie from atticmouse (via Pinterest)

This mouse is a member of the bar, he is about 4 inches tall, sizes do vary because they are all handmade. He is holding a law book and his briefcase. We also make female lawyers, please contact me for more information. As with all of the mice, they are designed only as a decoration and not as a toy.



Cute ornamental lawyer mouse from The House of Mouse.

Lawyer Mouse ornament artisan felt rat hamster mice gift for lawyer law student graduate animal lover collector – Bailey the Lawyer Mouse Little Bailey the Lawyer mouse knows the law and works to uphold it in court. He is so cute that he wins all his cases! He comes complete with traditional white wig and robes, and he carries an attache case with some evidence sticking out of it. He would make a great gift for a lawyer or for anyone aspiring to become one.




Little barrister mouse and cat (below) are fimo/sculpey/polymer clay creations from Quernus Crafts UK as far as I can tell.





Lawyer cat


Senior QC mouse and Juniors?


Barrister mouse Esq., also a polymer clay piece from Quernus Crafts


Tiny crochet lawyer/barrister/judge doll in court dress of wig and gown with jabot and holding the gavel.

Cutest small gift for a lawyer or judge or staff/co-worker, for a friend or family member or for a  law student.

Small, handmade crocheted decorative doll. This cuddly, cute, soft crochet doll from FunnyAmiToys will be the best present for your lawyer! SIZE: 13 cm (5,11 inches ) in height. The crocheted doll made from acrylic yarn and stuffed with polyfill. Thanks for shopping here! Best wishes, Maria.



Crocheted little lady barrister ready for court in full regalia of wig, gown and jabot, holding  her ribbon tied parchment/brief (via Pinterest).


(via Pinterest)







Wee Forest Folk Club


News from Capitol Hill …. No, it’s not a mouse, it’s Justice Sugar Bush Squirrel dressed for court in wig and black gown with jabot. Gavel ready nearby.

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court, announced today that she is retiring after 24 years on the bench.  The White House has refused to comment on any possible nominees, although rumors are scurrying around Capitol Hill that Sugar Bush Squirrel is definitely in the running to become the first squirrel to be nominated as a Supreme Justice.  When asked about this possibility, Sugar Bush said, “Although flattered, I am definitely too busy to accept such a powerful position at this time.

(O’Connor announced her retirement in 2005)

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