French playing card depicting Justice, dating from 1794. Bibliothèque nationale de France.



Faith47 – All Shall Be Equal Before The Law, Cape town



The Bridge Between Ideals and Reality

‘People of South Africa struggled for a long time to exit the dark era of apartheid, and this had been an ongoing process. As said, the Freedom Charter is far from being a fully-functioning pillar of society and twenty years that have passed from the abolition of racial segregation haven’t resulted in desired outcome. The gap between ideals and reality is painfully present. The sad truth serves as an inspiration to local artists, many of them known to a wider audience as the authors who are worth of admiration. First in line is female star Faith47 with her bold pieces which depict social discontent and incompetence of the South African justice system. The placement of her works is crucial for the forms in which they can be perceived. All of her murals are displayed in a particular way. The majority of her thought-provoking pieces are located near important government buildings.’







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