Justice and Cyclones: Blind, Impartial and have no Favourites?


Lady Justice ponders a deads bird. One of Cyclone Debbie’s victims perhaps, the ones no one thinks about, cares about?


What justice is there in Cyclone Debbie’s ferocious winds and rain wreaking havoc and destruction in Queensland this week? The full extent of the damage and destruction is not yet known. I am so sorry for what has happened not only to human kind but to the other kinds.


Like Lady Justice, cyclones are blind. Well, Lady Justice is suppposed to be.

No favourites. No preferences. Impartial. In the right latitudes cyclones land where they want and can destroy everything in their path. No one could stop cyclone Debbie any more than they could stop hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

The deafening winds. Roaring. Battering. Hammering. Flooding.


Suffer the birds and animals, especially those not able to be relocated or evacuated or not able to flee before the cyclone hit. Desperately they seek refuge and safety along with other creatures and critters including kangaroos and bats that have been caught up in it.



“Debbie” the rescued cockatoo was battered and stripped as the cycone raged. She is now on the mend.

Queensland’s birds have been dubbed “the victims no one thinks about” as they urgently seek shelter wherever they can from 190km winds. This cockatoo was stripped of its feathers as Cyclone Debbie hit Airlie Beach
Channel 9 presenter Luke Bradnam posted a video on Twitter last night after he spotted a tiny bird hiding between the shutters on his Townsville balcony.
Another Twitter user posted a video showing a rainbow Lorikeet struggling to cling to a tree as it was being battered by the strong winds.
Many people have taken to social media after seeing the videos, expressing concerns about the toll the storm will take on the ‘victims no one thinks about”.



Drenched. Huddled, Tattered. Dishevelled. Look at that little black face and beak.  Feathers are bright white normally.










Looks like a galah.

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