Handmade Primitive Bunnies for Easter



One of my favourite hobbies is cloth doll making. Yes it is. And, yes, it’s quite removed from the law and wonderfully so!

I especially like creating primitive and vintage, the raggedy style dolls as in these cheeky little rabbits.

I’m always trying to do some handwork, knitting and sewing, mainly for balance and to nourish this mosaic they call my soul and mind.

Trouble is, it’s an ongoing battle to find the time. Ugh! But it’s autumn (fall) here which means winter is coming, which means indoorsy stuff and hopefully more creative handwork, doll making preferably.




As you see, I’m working on this pair of bunnies right now, sort of sad little fellas aren’t they based on a design from Peddler Hill Primitives. A work in progress, emerging slowly, but might arrive by Easter.




The bunny bodies are made from calico (muslin) coloured and aged in rustic brown shades. I’m rendering them in the naive primitive art style to be worn and rustic, even tattered and torn. Right now, they are stuffed and weighted as they wait for some finer touches to bring them to life with colour and character.


I spoke in detail about the primitive folk art form here.




It’s the human traits that make these little guys so endearing with their little arms and etched and soft sculptured eye brows, nose, mouth and paws some yet to be embroidered. When their little faces take shape with some hand painting and embroidery and when the whiskas are added and so forth, their true personalities emerge.




I don’t normally dress the bunnies though it’s quite do-able.

I’m thinking about making a little vest perhaps or shirt or blouse. If one or both are girls, I change the look accordingly.




Best buddies. Little mates. Best friends. Brothers. Brother and sister. Sisters. Cousins.





If your interested in makng the bunnies yourelf the design for this pair came from Peddler Hill Primitives.



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