Garden at Home


It’s March, the first month of autumn here and the main front garden is still showing great colour. It’s a relatively young garden with planting ongoing. You can see a few golden elms starting to take off, eventually to become lovely  shade trees. Honestly, you would think we’re a young, newly married couple just starting out looking at some of the foliage we’re planting.  Sigh …..

The garden faces north so the late afternoon sun is going down in the west.

It’s early autumn and still quite warm and summery. This week has been gorgeous and more like spring except today was quite warm reaching the mid 30s. Nights are getting cool up here and I’ve had the heater on a few times.  I have to say it’s been one of the coolest summers I’ve experienced in some years.


Rocks at the front of the garden down near entrance and parking area.


I’m a savvy salvia freak and love blue lavenders. Who doesn’t? Perfect plants for garden dummies like me! Always vibrant in their colour! I stick them in the ground, add a bit of water and off they go, independent, in your face, reliable just as I want.

There’s also some transplanted and staked conifers in there, the narrow Italian style pines including young glaucas. Hopefully they’ll take off though I’m concerned about the strong cross winds we get here and whether the pines will survive.

My plan is to spread gravel throughout the garden but, first, I want to install old syle rambling pathways using recycled materials like old reds (bricks), stones and railway sleepers. The paths will kind of snake around…..


Down from the house on the east side near some gums.


Looking back to front of house.


Boulders and rocks down from the front.


Sprinklers going early this week.

I’m not a gardener by any means and do not like it at all. The garden here was not by choice on my part. I’ve kind of been left with it. So, yes, it frolics along , emerging in a real ad hoc sort of way, bit by bit via whatever seeds, cuttings or cheap plants I find. If it works out it’s an accident. If it doesn’t, it’s an accident. Either way, I find gardening mind-numbingly boring and repetitive.

But, hey, I love other peoples’ gardens! I have friends and family who are avid gardeners and good at it and love it and ‘live’ for the garden. I respect that & their love of gardening and enjoy seeing beautiful gardens, including vegetable gardens and I like visiting homes and gardens in the annual open gardens tours around here. Go figure!

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