Supeme Court Cat Justice Cardozo



From an interview with the artist, Cassie Graus of Kitty Cassandra Etsy Shop

‘Can you share a story with us behind a painting that you especially enjoyed working on?  Maybe because of the story behind the kitty? I really enjoyed working on the supreme court justice cat. The client is in law school, and named her persian cat after Justice Cardozo, I think because it always looked very grumpy and judgmental, just scowling disapprovingly at you if you ate an M&M that fell on the floor. But its personality was as sweet as can be, I was told. The painting challenged me to paint a more realistic portrait, like a real judge’s portrait. I also enjoyed taking artistic liberty by putting a powdered wig on the cat, I think cats enjoy that sort of pomp and circumstance, feeling special and important. They love that.’



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