America I Love You But ….


The day before yesterday I spoke by phone with ‘Granny’ in Alabama, USA, for about an hour. I speak with her regularly but not as often as I would like and miss her very much. I have known Granny, this beautiful person, for over 30 years now. She is a true Southern lady.

When she commented, in our conversation, that people don’t look at each other now, I was overwhelmed with sadness. Seems that since the political changes in the USA, people are not sure about each other. Perhaps wondering who the person voted for in the USA? What does that person really think? A sort of fear, suspicion and uncertainty pervades. An “us versus them” state of mind. I’m upset that dear Granny has to see this and go through it. 

This is simply Granny’s personal observation and what I took from it.

America I love you but not that kind of thing. Gotta get past this.

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