Gargantua’s Ol’ French Flag?



An old, old French flag of gargantuan proportions me thinks. Came in via my Twitter feed and just had to share it. Read more about this 18th century tennis court sized French flag.


“The ensign, captured from the French warship Le Genereux on February 18, 1800, was gifted to the city of Norwich in eastern England.
Measuring 16 metres (52.5 feet) by 8.3 metres (27.2 feet), the flag will be the centrepiece of an exhibition at Norwich Castle exploring the relationship between Britain’s Admiral Horatio Nelson and his home county of Norfolk.
The castle museum believes the tricolour could be one of the earliest — if not the earliest — in existence.
The blue, white and red colours — in that order from left to right — were officially adopted in 1794.
The flag will be on view at the castle from July 29th to October 1st.
Le Genereux was one of only two ships of the French fleet to escape the Battle of the Nile in 1798, the victory which sealed Nelson’s reputation.”

 French novelist Francois Rabelais’ giants Gargantua and Pantagruel, his son, the young giant.

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