Antique Lace Coverlet



Antique tape lace. It’s a fragile piece of old Battenburg lace now draped over the window in the kitchen.

Actually it’s an antique lace netting coverlet (bedspread) which, due to its age and soft flimsiness, I handle very gently.



Spelling? I see both Battenberg and Battenburg are used to describe the lace. Not sure whichs is correct. I thus use both.




Who doesn’t enjoy vintage lace & linen?

The detailed battenberg lace tape is embroidered on the open weave netting. Exquisite when you look closely.




See the little hole there? One of a few in the old piece, a testament to its years of use and wear.

Yellowed and ochred over time it’s now that most desirable vintage colour characteristic of old lace and linen.




Yes, it’s Edith Piaf.  She often sits there at the kitchen window where she can see in and out.

All nicely colour co-ordinated!








Even though it is a bed-spread I couldn’t bring myself to ‘throw’ it over the bed and keep it out of sight. And, no, I couldn’t stand the thought of it being sat on, jumped on, cats laying on it ….


I simply wanted to see and appreciate its delicate, fragile beauty and the kitchen window was the perfect spot.


So, gently, I hung it on an old curtain rod using little clips where it drapes softly in the north facing kitchen window. Easy.



This image of a battenberg lace bed coverlet is very similar to what I have in the kitchen window.  Same gathered edgings. (Image via pinterest)

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