“I Dissent” says The Notorious R.B.G.





More on the notorious RBG. Look at this cute little lady dressed as the great Justice.

Krista Wujek’s three foot 8-year-old daughter Michele dressed up as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for superhero day at her school. True to RBG, Michele received a personal greeting days later.



Supreme Court justices are generally robed and mysterious figures. Their faces are not emblazoned on T-shirts, painted on fingernails, tattooed on arms and shoulders, and their characters are not parodied on TV programs ranging from Saturday Night Live to Scandal. At least not until Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg became a cultural icon at about the same time she turned 80. Much of that iconic status is attributed to a Tumblr called “Notorious R.B.G.,” which now has been transformed into a graphic nonfiction book due out Tuesday.


I have posted on and off about this badass lady. I guess the best way to find more is to start with looking at ‘You May Also Like’ or ‘Related’ listed at the bottom of this post or do a Search using tags like ‘RBG’ ‘Notorious RBG’ ‘Ruth Bader Ginsburg’ or similar.  Enjoy!


Notorious RBG: Supreme Court Justice Turned Cultural Icon


2 thoughts on ““I Dissent” says The Notorious R.B.G.

  1. HI Larry, Thank you for your comment. What is good about freedom of speech and opinion is that we can all speak publicly our own thoughts, philosophies and ideas. Freedom of speech must mean accepting thoughts, opinions and ideas contrary to our own and with which we don’t agree. You did that. Thank you. Karen.


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