Primitive Wine Barrels Steeped in Character



Vintage barrels.


Just a peek into the kitchen and family room at home where we have an assortment of small rustic wine barrels on top of the large old dresser.







I have a small collection of these now non-useable wine barrels. Non-useable in the sense they cannot hold liquid due to drying out and shrinking of the staves.




Smaller barrels like these stored fortified wines like sherries, ports, muscats, verdheillos, liquers and so forth.




A little search and you’ll see I’ve done a bit of posting before about the rustic farmhouse style we like.

Some examples are herehere and here though there are more if you want to do some scrolling. Here are some of the larger wine barrels on the horse drawn cart at home.  Try the ‘Related’ links below or use Search for more. Enjoy!

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