~ old wooden rocking horse aged to perfection ~



Abandoned, unique, aged to perfection is this treasure, a hand carved, wooden child size rocking horse encompassing the ravages of use and time in its beauty and patina.

Rustic. Primitive. Beat up. Weather worn. Aged. Shabby. Faded. Antique. Retro. Vintage. Industrial. Cracking. Peeling paint. Chipping surface.

All  of it and more.




It’s the texture. Jute tale obviously not original. I’m not a photographer and plod along doing the best I can with images.  But here are some close-ups to convey the detail around the face, the texture laden body and some three-dimensional aspects.




Nostrils. Hand carved. Remnants of colour, paint. Weathered and patinated.




Dry and cracked leather saddle and strap with rusty stirrup. One stirrup missing.




How many children rode the horse? Was it owned by a family? Handed down? A school?A playground? A church? I wonder what is its story?

Why can’t it speak and tell me stories and tales of its time with the children from way back. Sigh.




Once painted in bright shades. The rockers and base have long vanished.




Detail, detail, detail in the carving. The mouth, tongue, lips and teeth. Nostrils.






Wooden handles.




Carved mane. Etching. Chipping paint. Peeling.




How beautiful would it be restored to its former glory? I prefer it as is with its natural antiquity reflecting years of use, wear and weathering.




Beautiful character and textures. Jointed sections you see were once painted over.








Aged, weathered, faded, yellowed.




Beautiful vintage. Old. Pre-loved. Quite a heavy beast. No longer abandoned.




The more unusual and special something is the more likely it will be a feature in the house. I’m not one to hide or put away what I find. Seems silly if I don’t share what I like.

Will I combine it with other things, old items in a vignette style? Will I leave it alone, to show off its perfect decay and exquisite shabbiness.

Resting on the old fireplace surround and mantle for now.




Perhaps, next Christmas, I’ll put this big old Christmas toy under the tree.






This was another of those instant love moments right when I set eyes on it. One of those ‘a ha‘ moments when you just “gotta have it no matter what“.Those who love the old and antiquity, the rustic, the shabby, the vintage patina know what I mean.Those who love the brocante, the flea market, the clean out, the yard sale, the clearing sale, the estate sale know what I mean.Those who love to forage, hunt and gather at antique markets and stores, at vintage and collectible shops, at secondhand shops, at community op-shops for that lovely old piece know exactly what I mean!We know.

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