~ lady lawya art: courtroom couture and ‘the Captain Cook look’ ~


Courtroom Couture of formality and tradition means the lady lawyer must don her wig and robe for ‘the Captain Cook look’ as in this portrait from Ada Evans Law Chambers.


The Law Report: When it comes to traditional wigs & robes, views in the legal community differ. Nic Angelov is a Sydney barrister. He makes the point that rather than think of court attire as outdated, we should celebrate ‘the Captain Cook look’. The fact that courtroom fashion originated in a past age is a testament to our stable, incrementally evolving system.

Are people intimidated by the dress? Per Nic Angelov: Well, I don’t think people are intimidated. As far as the criminal law is concerned, I think we have a long documented history that we could probably trace back to at least the times of Ned Kelly, if not earlier, of people, defendants before the courts, certainly not being wilting flowers & not being afraid of having a spray at judges &other participants in the court. And I’ve come across that myself in my own experience, so I don’t think people are afraid or intimidated at all.


Of course, if you’re not sure, simply velcro the wig to yer head and avoid those emabrrassing “oops my powdered wig fell off” moments 🙂

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