Christmas Day, Noel and too much turkey for some



Too much Christmas goodness for Edith Piaf. She’s full, fat and happy resting on the sofa. This is in the living area, the kitchen-come-family room or great room.


We use the old wood stove to the left, a Metters 2 Royal-V, in the winter months mainly.




A vintage set of Australian Law Journals in drab burgundy shades.


More vintage books for me please. I’m a bit of a collector. Not a gigantic collector. Just a bit.




Edith P.




It’s a sort of menage au trois of 3 Burmese cats I guess.


L-R going around is Leadbelly, our big blue Burmese boy (blue is platinum in USA), then Edith and then Jean-Louise (‘Scout’), a lilac or blue point Burmese. All three fat and happy after their gourmand conquests on Christmas Day.


More cat love here






Love vintage Madonna statues. The more old and chipped and well loved they are the more I like them. Mary’s quiet presence always gives calm and serenity to the space whether inside or out.


You might like this outside Mary statue, a heavy concrete piece, that underwent a shabby makeover.




Few shots from home Christmas Day 2016.

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