The Notorious RBG, Ruth “Baby” Ginsburg and Babe Ruths!



We all know about “Notorious RBG” better known as U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This notorious lady lawyer, unafraid to speak her mind in dissent, appears in this blog on and off. Just check the ‘Related’ links at the bottom of the post or entering things like RBG, Notorious RBG, Rith Bader Ginsburg and so forth in the Search box.


We know there are baby barristers but did you know there is Ruth “Baby” Ginsburg who beats everyone at political Halloween costumes?  Yes, the Notorious RBG has spawned mini dissenters. My love for the family affair of Halloween started in the USA many years ago



How gorgeous is this little one dressed as Justice Ruth “Baby” Ginsburg, a little Notorious RBG


Another sweet little Justice Ruth “Baby” Ginsburg


Tiny Ruth “Baby” Ginsburg  Too cute at 8 months old!


Tiny Justice Ruth “Baby” Ginsburg


Gorgeous Georgie as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Gotta smile at this RBG! Via Doxies at Pinterest.


Justice Ginsburg


Little badass Supreme Court Justices – Sonia Sotamayor and RBG.


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