Cabinet Makeover for Bathroom – Part 2



Here it is snug between the two windows in the main bathroom. Perfect storage space for all those things we seem to ‘need’ in our bathrooms.

What was a black cupboard is now a sort of dusty pink with white, cream and blue highlights.

I added embellishments in keeping with the shabby rustic style including a pair of cupid angels on the front.

As for window treatments, I’m waiting for the en suite to be done because its cheaper to have them done in one order/installation and I plan to do the bedrooms as well.  When they are done I can show the bathroom in full.




I added the old brass knobs and escutcheons, both salvaged.

In the previous post about this makeover I had not started the rubbing back and chipping process. I’ve done that now to expose and highlight the undercoats of black, duck egg blue and whites. Ever so carefully I let the black show as tiny accents here and there.




Who would have thought that a bent, dented and rusty old tin trunk, a shabby pink one at that, would work in a sleek new bathroom?




I like drab pink hues, the sort of dusty, hazy pinks, faded and shabby. Not too pink, lolly pink or hot pink. I know there are times when brighter pinks work as an accent or as a complement and I’m all for that when it works. Just not too much of it.




This vintage coat hanger’a accents of bright pink in the rose buds (in the fabric) work in not taking away from the overall soft pink of the item.







Ballet shoes …. Soft, worn, dusty pink




The gazunder (chamber pot or potty) available for guests of course in case they want to take it to their room. Less walking  ….




You can see why I ‘fell’ for this cupboard – the surface, the wear and tear, the coats of paint, its dings, dents, bumps and lumps all made it easy to achieve the rustic shabby finish.

We added the larger, more stubby turned legs though.

You can see the undercoats of drab blues peeping through. I’ve carefully rubbed and scraped back so that very little of the black comes through and then only as tiny accents or specs.













Drab pink and rust.































Before I started the chipping and rubbing back to expose the undercoats.







After final chipping and rubbing.




The inside of the doors are the back side of the old pressed tin. I quickly coated them with an acrylic white enamel paint (after sealing).







You can see the cherubs were coated in the usual drab metallic gold finish.

This room was two small rooms before the makeover.  Yes, two poky rooms that have now given us an open, light and spacious main bathroom.  Stay tuned for final images to come when windows completed.


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