Quintessential Cat Love with the Queens of Mischievous


Sorting out a pair of cast iron planters yesterday early evening with the Queens of Mischievous, Gracie and Edith P.  They can’t keep away!  Burmese cats are not cats that disappear immediately there’s some sort of activity.  Just the opposite. Soon as there’s something interesting happening they materialise, instantly.  Inquisitive.

Go catch a mouse or two” I say.

WhatNot our way. We are Burmese cats!” they say looking up at me in unison! “We want to play too“.

You can’t turn down a Burmese cat. Never. Burmese cats think they are people.

And so, given that there’s nothing in the world like the companionship of Burmese cats with their fulsome love, cuddles and conversational skills, I heaveEdith (the brown tortie) over one shoulder and Gracie (the chocolate) the other and go about my business–as best I can with the load.

Yes, they definitely slow me down on days like this, but how can I miss out on the chatting, chuckling and cuddles a la Burmese cats?!



Edith P.




Gracie on the pedestal











Gracie is a chocolate while Edith P is a brown tortie.

In quintessential Burmese cat style it’s always, always a two-way or three-way relationship overflowing with gentleness, affection and reciprocated love.

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