End of Spring is Nigh. Summer, Christmas, Santa Coming ….


Indeed, taken last week 10 November at home by my friend Michelle.

As December comes the end of spring is nigh. Summer starts officially on 1 December in Australia. But spring hasn’t really settled in yet has it. I swear it’s been one of the longest, coldest and wettest winters I’ve seen in a while. And up here at Angaston it’s always colder. Whew!

And Christmas is just around the corner. Because Christmas is smack dab in the middle of summer in Australia Santa stops and vacations here, takes some time off work. It’s the half way mark for Santa (I’m told) as he traverses the planet every night.

It’s gotta be a tough job making all those toys throughout the year and loading them into the sleigh. Santa travels many, many miles at night to climb up and down chimney after chimney, night after night, quietly visiting the homes of sleeping children.  Yes, exhausting. I think Mr. Santa deservedly spends part of his northern winters enjoying the warmth of our southern summers!




When he crosses the equator he swaps out the reindeer for white boomers (large kangaroos). That way the deer also get to rest.










Yep, Santa slaps on his sunscreen and in between swimming and surfing spends his time around the big wide beaches of Adelaide and the coast endorsing South Australia’s rich liquid culture. Yes, Santa imbibes our magnificent wines. Why shouldn’t he enjoy a bit of wine folly when he stops by here on his break from annual deliveries?





Takes the reindeer into the water to refresh and cool off.

All that flying around the world hauling not only the sleigh of toys and gifts, but fat Santa himself, would be pretty exhausting for the deer me thinks!




Nothing like a bit of jogging along the beach.

Yes, Christmas is almost here again 🙂

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