The Eclecticity of Magnolia at Oakbank Vintage in the Adelaide Hills






Time out for some antique treasure hunting and gathering, some looking for vintage collectibles last Sunday and again I found myself at Magnolia at Oakbank Vintage. I simply can’t drive past that place without stopping. The car seems to have a mind of its own and stops. That’s fine by me as this little store of vintage is always full to the brim of old, antique, vintage and collectible goodies mainly smalls. I mean really full. Furniture is not the aim of this store though there are some gorgeous pieces there. No room anyway.  I also included directions to the store in the Adelaide Hills in the link above.


Now, I know the purists like to be pure and distinguish between antique, vintage and collectible. This store has it all. It offers eclectic displays covering many styles. Of course, the aesthetic and historical significance of pieces is really for you, the buyer, to discern. For me it’s not so much whether it’s from this or that era or whether it’s this or that style. If the piece works its fine for me whether retro, antique, early, mid-century, rustic, vintage, collectible, farmhouse, primitive, shabby, flea market, old, recycled, up-cycled, remade, made over, made under, made into, repainted, re-worked, re-modelled, Louis style, Rococo style, French style, early Australian, early American, colonial style, industrial, chic,  and so on …. And you might even find something new and modern at my place.


Make time for this little shop of treasures. It’s layered in there. I’m not exaggerating. You need the time especially if you’re not looking for anything in particular. You never know what might be in there, under there, up there, inside there, behind there…. and ask Angela if you can’t see what you want.


Yes, what you see above is Magnolia on the cover of Country Style magazine (2012). That’s the store’s front veranda with wooden love seat, cushions, stool, flowers, basket and book all from the store. Don’t forget to check out Country Style on Facebook.




Sharing here a few images from my visit.  Miscellaneous heaven in there.

You’ll find something especially if you give yourself time to look.



Blue days, blue nights, pretty in blue!



Blue, blue and white.  Mixtures miscellaneous pieces.



Urn or caddy perhaps.



Tureen. Like a flow blue?





Always blue and white. Plates.



Bistro style. Cafe style. Under the trees. On the veranda. In the courtyard.



Kitchenalia. Things like crocks, crockery, bone handles, scales, meat safe, pot rack.


Kitchen. House. Home. Down home. Country style. Red. Pink. Soft. Colour. Kitchen. Love. 1960s. Retro. Antique. Vintage. Modern. Industrial. Farmhouse.



Utility in the kitchen. Everyday retro style.  Needful things. Strainers, ladles, pans, plates and vessels.




Cuisine time. In the kitchen for the cook and the chef. Old mixing bowl, beaters, knives, utensils.




Shabby flowers.  Soft pastel shades.




Pink love. Pink art. Pink and blue.  Pink roses.




Pink and green.  Vintage chair for the veranda, porch or patio?  Rustic shabby beauty as is.




In the pink with linen.




Art.  Collectible. Duty rose. Dusty pink.


Vintage crockery.  Dinner sets. High tea anyone? Tea parties in pale green, pink and blue.  Softly, softly.



To dine. Join us for tea. Pretty in pale green, cream and pink.




Old linen, quilts, sheets, covers ….




Need a bag, a hand bag?  A hat?




Linens. Fabric. Table cloths




Blue. Collectibles. This and that.




A silk lady. Mannequin.




Sewing anyone? Knitting? Sewing boxes. Cotton reels. Patterns. Sewing machine. Fabric. Threads. Lace. Buttons. Yes, a treasure trove.




Out front. Very large vintage plate rack in chippy paint. Has a great rustic, shabby finish.

Retro clothing. Ladders, baskets, shelves, chairs and much more.




Vintage all sorts.  Candlesticks. Candle holders. Copper kettles. Brass. Pewter. Tin. Cutlery. Statues. Ornaments.




Um, where do I start?




Glassware. Crystal.  Tea sets.  Tea pots. Butter dish.  Champagne.

Cup o’ tea. Serving tray. Jugs.






Clock makers. Watchmakers. Collectors. Time tellers. Winde’m up folks! Set the alarm. Tick tock. Tick tock.  Who remembers the wind up clock?  Some had such loud tick tocks, others quiet.  The loud ones were so grating. Could keep you awake!

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