Home Views at Angaston Barossa Valley


Spring is finally here in the Barossa Valley at end of October.  Honestly, though, still had electric blanket on last night and I’m in a woollen sweater over a skivvy today.

Sharing this view of our home just out of Angaston — it’s the  farm-house you see there at the front on the left with double gabled roof and wrap around veranda. Surrounded by gum studded hills and vineyards, we face north, perhaps slightly north west. From the from veranda we look down over the Barossa Valley floor to Nuriootpa. We have 12.5 acres most being on the other side and not in the image.

This image comes courtesy of  Lambert Estate Winery our neighbour and owner of the property next door and on the right in this shot.  In fact, you can see this image and many others on the website of Lambert Estate Wines. Just click on ‘Gallery’. Maybe I’m biased but I have to agree with Lambert Estate’s description, Our part of the Barossa Valley is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Take a look round our gallery – it’ll give you a great idea of just how amazing this place is before you visit ….”


Couple of glimpses of the front of the house this week. Always a work in progress around here. The house, made of stone, has the typical Australian farmhouse style with wrap around veranda. The extra wide vine-wreathed veranda is often the hub of the home in spring and summer, perfectly suited to pleasant al fresco living.

Out there under the gum trees we have a couple of old wooden refectory tables, all sorts of chairs and a couple of miners couches. The veranda basically becomes an extension for dining. Always the place to spend an evening after the heat of the day with breezes stirring.


Snippet of the front garden, a garden that just happens. It’s pretty now like all gardens at this time of the year in Spring. The garden was re-done not long ago so, yes, it’s new. Completely re-invented by shifting tons and tons of soil and bringing in rocks and boulders.

It was overgrown and untidy before. NGE was in charge of the garden. He always bragged about being a gardener and loving gardening and I was very happy that he was a gardener as I am not. No. Never. Ugh! Well, it became apparent to me some years ago that NGE’s take on gardening meant sticking stuff in the ground indiscriminately and leaving it. As it was the front of the house couldn’t be seen for trees and overgrown shrubs, trees, bushes and weeds.

So this is my first go at gardening and, yes, I plant for dummies. Things like salvia, rosemary, lavender and geraniums/pelergoniums as well as a few conifers or cypress pines. They grow by themselves. Don’t need me much at all. In fact they thrive here! Suits me. Perhaps the ample water (bore) helps. I planted a few irises and some easy climbing thornless roses as well as other low maintenance plants like bougainvillea and native hibiscus.

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