The World’s Largest Marsupials Visiting Us at Home in Angaston



Kangaroos at home near the drive down in front of the house.  Obviously coming out to enjoy the couple of warm, sunny days we had last week.  That’s about all we have had and it’s the middle of October! Hell hath no fury if the powers that be keep depriving us of warm spring weather by sending more of this cold, wet winter weather like today. Ugh!

This is Mum roo.  Her timid baby joey is right there in the bushes and still too shy to stay with her while I was taking photos.

We have a group of, say, half a dozen or so living here in the hills, trees and bushes nearby. A mob it’s called. The collective noun ‘mob’ is like a flock of sheep, a gaggle of geese, a herd of cows, a swarm of bees, a litter of kittens or cubs, a murder of crows (more poetic term), a coven of witches (non-animal) and so on. It’s a mob of kangaroos. Rarely would you hear a flock or troop of kangaroos though both terms can be used.



2 thoughts on “The World’s Largest Marsupials Visiting Us at Home in Angaston

  1. We saw a very tall, large kangaroo up in the vineyards along Radford Road a week ago. It was really a big one, and though it seemed stopped at the fence at Valley Road, it eventually it cleared it with ease and was hopping on its way through the next vineyard over the far side of Valley Road.

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