Hunting and Gathering – Primitive Meatsafe Cupboard with Patina at a Cool Place




As you know, I have hunting & gathering tendencies. Severe. Yesterday we were in Adelaide on a mission to look at floor tiles for the en-suite bathroom due to be completed in the coming weeks at last. I’m in the process of sorting out the finer details with tradies now.

As expected, on any journey, I get distracted by things around me especially places with old things where I can rummage. My gathering antennas are always up & seem to start vibrating when I get near something sort of vintagy especially if I’ve been there before!

Of course it happened & I couldn’t go past Castle Collectibles another of Adelaide’s secondhand oases of vintage all sorts! A real cool place this one!

Stop the car Michael! Stop the car

Of course he did as he’s really not far from me when it comes to enjoying vintage. ‘Castle Collectibles’ is another of those places where you never know what you might find. Trust me, I know, as I’ve been going there for a while now.  It’s not called ‘Collectibles’ for nothing!

Full of surprises it’s one of those places you gotta rummage around in. Fossick. Make sure you peer not just peek. Look under, over, up & around, into the nooks & crannies. No telling what you might discover. Like a lucky dip. Could be retro, records, vintage, rococo, gypsy, boho, kitsch, shabby, cottage, antique, primitive, rustic, farm stuff, vintage garden items, old toys, books, bric a brac, furniture, lights, crockery, signs, tools, old bikes, doors & so on & so forth. Debbie & Lyndon are ever so gorgeous, friendly & helpful. Check out Hey Vintage’s reviews for what people think.

Find it on South Road on the left heading out of the CBD between Cross Roads & Daws Road opposite Castle Plaza. You can’t miss the little faded red car you see here. Very busy 2 lane road so be savvy making the sharp turn left as parking is right next to the road at the front of the store.






And here is the right stuff in this primitive antique meatsafe featuring some true patina. Yes, a true attic finish on this piece.  Shabby.  The meatsafe & its variations is the true farmhouse cupboard, once a staple in Australian kitchens. Usually called a pie safe in the USA.


Look at it the crackle.




True attic surface. Rustic decor, primitive, weathered. Love this.






Peeling, chipping, crackling and crazing paint surface.


So much texture.  This is real crackling and distressing that happened over many years.




As you can see in this image I have my staple in the kitchen – a rustic white meatsafe, one of a few I have. I will get some clearer images for my next post on these rustic utilitarian objects.  My love of rustic, shabby and primitive influences is manifested in various things like shabby old farmhouse cupboards  tables, meatsafes, old shelving, old sofas and chairs, old crockery, old statues, old books and much, much more.

While meatsafes vary in style and size they are basically rectangular in shape with wire gauze (fly screen) or the perforated thin metal sheets inserted in the frame for ventilation in lieu of full solid wood pieces.

So, yes, sadly, I had to leave this old beauty at Castle Collectibles for the next lover of primitive patina. But then I am known to change my mind ….

I hope it finds a good home soon.




This kind of natural aged and textured finish cannot be replicated.  This is the real deal.

4 thoughts on “Hunting and Gathering – Primitive Meatsafe Cupboard with Patina at a Cool Place

  1. I love the soft colours, shabby white and soft blue on this piece, plus the red trims ! Just love the old paintwork. I have an old meat safe I bought in pieces (a pile of boards, literally). Dept Engineering was kind enough to build it back together for me, and fit it with some aviary mesh I bought. He had to add one new board tom complete it, one that was missing from the pile. So I painted it all a pale stone grey. I keep my art supplies in it. and love it !


    1. Hi Kim, Thank you and I agree! Well, I would do the same and re-construct if possible. This old meatsafe has had a ton of use and pre-love. Nice inside. Solid. Lovely primitive piece. Be gorgeous in the right space – vintage, primitive, country, industrial, warehouse look.. Very rustic. Meat safes are so easy to home. They always fit with their square edges and mid size not too large or too small. And always light to move around as not solid wood usually. Always work!

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