Bon Weekend from the Barossa Valley in Spring!



Out and about Friday in the Barossa Valley. Time off, time for myself. And, yes, while spring is trying hard to be warm and the roses are starting to bloom, I’m still in winter dress. Keep trying Miss Spring and please hurry.


My afternoon started in Tanunda with one friend and ended with a visit to Nuriootpa to see another who took the snap. She was lucky to get it as I’m not a photo kinda woman at the best of times!






I first met my friend for coffee at The Courtyard Coffee House in Tanunda after which I naturally followed my nose next door to the vintage/antique store at The Courtyard Emporium in Murray Street, the main street.

The Emporium is part of the large old structure known as the Schrapel building shown as it is today in the image below. Built in 1884 as a coach and implement factory it was used later as a department store or the Tanunda Schrapel Emporium.







Too windy to sit outside today.




The Coffeehouse is at the back of the Emporium and can be accessed from the rear or through the Courtyard Emporium which you enter from the main street. The two images above show you the rear entry (as I mentioned too windy to sit out there today) and looking out to the Coffee House from the Emporium.


I had a long black strong coffee that was good and very hot just as I like it. Can’t stand luke warm coffee and send it back if served that way! Has to be just off boiling – and it was! The Coffee House is a cute little joint, nice menu with coffee, tea, juices, light food, cakes, sandwiches, wraps, pastries, sweets and breakfasts. Friendly service, busy and kind of private in its little spot back there. Good place to read. To talk. Plenty of parking off the main street behind the group of street fronted buildings where the Foodland supermarket is and from where you can directly enter the Coffee House behind the Music Academy and store. For more comments hop over to the TripAdvisor’s Courtyard Coffee House reviews.




The Emporium is full to the brim, always full with an eclectic assortment of old and new, of vintage, antique, shabby, retro and collectible goodies. You will find vintage clothing, old vinyl records, kitchenalia and some rustics. While some items of furniture are in the store, it is not really the place for larger goods. Here are some photos from Friday’s visit.


Hunters and gatherers like me are drawn to these kinds of hangouts not just to peek but to fossick, to rummage.


Warning: You need time to explore this place, to delve into the layers of stuff, to search every nook and cranny for those hidden items. Usually, one short survey is not enough especially if you’re not really sure what you’re looking for! Know what I mean? My hunting and gathering comrades know!




Beautiful goat. Had to pat it !




It’s the ceiling! Original pressed tin.




Large old  building.




That ceiling and a moose.  I had to pat the ‘ole guy!




Retro domesticity of the 1950s and 1960s












Retro here.

I love the early Baltic floor boards commonly used in flooring in early Australian houses. I have to assume these are the original floor boards. Hardy, long wearing and character laden, we used old Baltic flooring in parts of out house. Always beautiful by virtue of their age.






Retro. 50s, 60s.




Coffee house at the rear through the glass doors and up the steps.




A real retro look here.




Sort of interested in the mirror or so I thought. Don’t need it. Measured it.  Nothing came of it. Sigh …..

One thought on “Bon Weekend from the Barossa Valley in Spring!

  1. Love that place too ! I like the snap of the ceiling tiles, can’t believe I haven’t looked up ! And I like those floorboards too, original surely. and nice and creaky as you walk over them 😉


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