~ vintage portrait on canvas ~


What is it about these old portraits?  Why do I have to have? Yesterday my day was good when out and about in Port Adelaide I stumbled across this charming character filled portrait in oil on canvas, a true vintage find.

I have very few of these original vintage art works and when I find one it’s usually an ‘ah ha’ moment especially if in drab hues as is this piece.


Vintage texture. Cracking. Wear and tear. The canvas back is dark brown as expected.

This one is quite large at 60cm x 50cm (24″ x 20″).


Perhaps a light impasto technique showing brush and pallet knife work not that I really know as I’m not an artist, a painter. Not a thick impasto from what I can see.




The artist used various colours – pinks, mauves, maroons, burgundies, ochres, blues, creams, greens, yellows, browns and whites blended and worked together for the gorgeous rustic aesthetic.

Just love the dark muted tones of old oil on canvas.  The patina of this one has made it oh so mellow.  Is some craquelure on the picture and a little chipping of the paint around the edges.  Can’t have enough of these original works.



Soft face and expression.  Soft eyes.



Brown eyes and brows. Cheeks blushed. Lipsticked lips. Earrings.


The portrait displays wear and tear from age and pre-love.

The canvas is loosely tacked to the wood frame not unusual for older canvas works. Nowadays they are often stapled.  I can see the wood frame is not original and the canvas has been attached using the rusty tacks and newer ones.



The lady appears conservatively dressed in blue top with a collar and a white collar on what appears to be an under blouse or shirt.

Earrings, a necklace and a ring on her left hand and presumably a watch on her left wrist.



Is it a smile?  A smirk?  It’s not Mona Lisa’s coy, enigmatic smile is it. Nor is it really a poker face or a neutral expression. I think it’s a smile albeit slight. She’s not grumpy or frowning.  In fact her eyes are soft and warm. She seems happy and serene, relaxed.



I wonder who created this work? It appears to be unsigned and there is no identifying evidence on the back.

Who is the lady depicted?


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