Old Man Winter and Jack Frost are still here



Old Man Winter and Jack Frost are still here and what a bone idle mischievous pair they are.

Rainy kind of day today at least at first. Lucky to be ensconced at home inside where it stays warm. While spring flowers are slowly emerging, it still feels like middle of winter at least up here at Angaston. Teeth chattering weather today. It’s like both winter and spring in the Barossa Valley. When I went out to the veranda this morning I got the distinct feeling of cold wet snow or sleet not a sunny spring day.




The house is centrally heated of course.  Heat is one thing I won’t budge on in a house as I ‘feel’ the cold. Living in the USA for so many years meant I was spoiled rotten with central heating where it’s been standard in all houses for decades.  I cannot go back to living without it. Of course we have a wood fire in each of the two living areas here as well as the wood cook stove in the kitchen and while they are good heat sources, on days like today, I need the central heat as back up or at least to warm the house initially. So my day today was spent working inside except for a brief visit out to take these few photos.




First thing I did this morning was gather up my digital camera. No phone I thought. Time for the camera. I had put it on charger as the first step in getting myself to use it! I’m so used to the phone now. I’m not a photographer but have a Nikon D70 Digital about which I know very little. It feels like such a clunker after the phone! I have read the manuals, sort of, and slowly I’m engaging with the camera’s various parts and features, its very own widgets and gadgets.  But ever so slowly. Anyway, I snapped these images today with the Nikon. What do you think?




Little rivulets of rain trickle down the cherub.  Cobwebs stay firm.

The cherub is heavy with rustic garden patina. It’s an old cement statue, weathered and worn and now quite brittle and easily chipped. That it was used and loved before I found it, is important for me as I prefer these vintage statues with their breakages and blemishes reflected in the rustic condition of this chubby cherub that has had a wing broken and re-attached in its past life.




It’s that history in these old pieces, their patina, a testament to a life outside in the weather and to what the statue meant to somebody before me that endears it to me. Somebody re-attached the broken part.

Others would discard a statue or bird bath if broken or broken and repaired. Not me, especially if its vintage and the repair is done discreetly or the statue can be re-glazed or placed near garden plants  or shrubbery. I do my own repairs including re-coating the piece in paint, stain or other medium that befits the rustic style, age and condition of the statue.




The plants are quite new in this spot. I put most of them in last year so they are just now getting established and starting to take off.  I mentioned before I’m not a gardener. I have never really had a garden before. I keep it very simple as you can see. If it works it’s an accident! It it doesn’t, whatever, I’ll simply try something else.  All ephemeral.



Wet cobwebs.


There’s even a moth’s or other insect’s cocoon in the cherub’s left eye.


Very dull and grey this morning.  The tall plants in the front getting ready to flower soon are Echiums or Pride of Madeira plants.


Rain and cobwebs.


Perhaps I should keep using the Nikon as the resolution, detail and colour are quite different to that in images taken with the phone. Even I can see that. And these are simple shots using automatic focus or the close up feature. Yes, I’ve figured that out! I just focus and click. Dugh!

I’m not much on taking photos and mainly use them as a fun medium for illustrating and sharing stories in my blog posts or on Facebook.


But the phone is so portable and easy to use and quite ok for the blog as far as I’m concerned. The camera is cumbersome.

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