Rustic Patina in Vintage Statue with Rusty Beads


More rusticity. More vintage. What else is there? My old time favourite – garden patina, art deco concrete statue. One of my favourite.

The weathering evidence in this little concrete statue is its rough and shabby greyish patina, a testament to a life outside. A barefoot girl wearing a ribbon head band sits on a draped block leg crossed over left knee supporting the open book. The child has chubby hands on the book, holding it to read.



Weathered, worn and chipped. Mellowed with age. Grey, drab concrete.


This one sits in old wooden shelving unit in the hallway. Hey, you never know where these old pieces will end up in our house. Sometimes in, sometime outside.  Part of their attraction is that they can be used inside or out.







Embellished with shabby, rusty rosary beads and chain.


I can’t tell if there was an inscription on the book pages likely in French if there was.


I wonder if this statue called Child Reading in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is the original design from which the garden statue is copied?

French (Paris) about 1795: After Charles-Gabriel Sauvage Lemire (1742–1827), Made by Dihl et Guérhard Manufactory (France, working 1781-1828)



I have used this little piece inside and out. So, where did I find it?


Out hunting and gathering one day as usual, I found the little statue at Magnolia at Oakbank – Vintage a cute little store on the Onkaparinga Road at Oakbank between Woodside and Balhannah in the Adelaide hills. Don’t miss this little spot where eclectic vintage rules. Easy to find, easy to park.

I have a rustic wooden shelf attached to the kitchen wall displaying some of my old ironstone, porcelain and faience. It also came from Magnolia at Oakbank.

Warning:  When you go to Magnolia, make sure you have time to look, to peek through the layers of colour, shape and texture, to rummage through the stash of treasures and the assortment of antique, vintage and collectible goodies.

Here’s a few images to give you  a little preview …. but check out the Facebook link above.







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