Koerner Wine in the Clare Valley, South Australia – Beautiful Vineyards


Today’s dispatch is about wine.

Woke up this morning with one more day until 1st September, spring time in Australia, allegedly, and according to the calendar.  I wonder how long Old Man Winter and Jack Frost will stay around after 1 September?

When I went outside I could see it was not going to be much of a day for being outside. Drab, cold, wet and drizzly all day then lightning, thunderstorms and rain tonight around SA.




Sharing a few images from the lads at Koerner Wine in the Clare Valley.  Taken from their FB page today, this image reveals the unruly, dishevilled sky before the storm came earlier this evening.  More here on earlier visit to Koerner Wine.

Koerner Wine on Instragram

Koerner Wine on Facebook

Koerner Wine Website





You can find much more at Koerner Wine pages and social media sites.





How could one dismiss the impulse to photograph vineyards like these creating the distinctive mood of the magnificent Clare Valley wine region? There’s something almost surreal about unplanned images of family owned vineyards and wine making facilities like these taken by the wine makers and viti-culturalists themselves, by the family members and those doing the day to day hands on work.




I wonder do you have any images like these?  Images of smaller, family owned vineyards and wineries with feeling and atmosphere, with romance and a sense of personal about them making you want to be there, to be led there by the photo. Would love to see some!

4 thoughts on “Koerner Wine in the Clare Valley, South Australia – Beautiful Vineyards

    1. Hi, welcome and thank you for the comment. Nice to hear from the Napa Valley. Yes the Koerner Wine guys (my nephews) come up with some great shots from around the vineyards. don’t they. Most appear on the Koerner Wine FB page and Instagram. Karen

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  1. Nice blog, through this blog I get brief idea about Koerner Wine in the Clare Valley. Last month my brother and his friends visited South Australia and staying at Clare Valley in a cottage as “Amy’s House Australia”. My brother and his friends enjoy the beautiful Clare Valley Wine Region very much.

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    1. Hello and thanks for the lovely comments. Yes, Koerner Wine is based at Leasingham and Watervale at the southern end of the magnificent Clare Valley. Koerner is our family name and the winemakers are my brother’s sons. So glad your family and friends enjoyed their stay in Sth Australia and the Clare Valley. My childhood years were spent at Leasingham just south of Watervale. Link to Koerner Wine on FB: https://www.facebook.com/koernerwine/?ref=page_internal
      And here’s an earlier post on Koerner Wine https://wordpress.com/post/thebarristershouse.com/1997


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