Go Powder your Peruque! Er, I mean Wig


Today’s dispatch is about the powdered wig also known as the peruke or periwig.

Have you wondered who makes these wigs? Who is the wig maker? A Peruque (Fr) maker makes them – Un Peruquier The Wig Dresser



And there’s more …. a drinking and dining experience in Dublin called The Peruke and Periwig.


‘This bar wears a heavy coat of decadence, wrapping you in copper, dark mahogany and plush velvet across its three floors. It conjures an atmosphere that casts you back to the 1800s and although lumbered with a name that many people struggle to remember, Peruke and Periwig (it was once a wig-makers), the 18-month-old pub on Dawson Street in Dublin is doing just great.’ Barfly on Peruke and Periwig



The Peruque maker’s Wife.






Go powder your nose wig! People are in awe of a lawyer’s courtroom regalia, the attire worn by barristers in many courts in Australia, especially the powdered wig, Love these images of an antique barristers wig with original Tole case. 





Seller’s description of the wig:

An English barrister’s wig in original tole box with the name of John Forbes, Esq. hand painted in gold. Hand made of woven horse hair the wig is in very good condition. The underside of the wig bears two labels, one that I read as “Patentee Ravenscroft Lincolns Inn” and the other with the name John Forbes, Esq. My research did find a marriage record in London for the year 1851 for a John Forbes, Esq, the only son of Sir James Clark, Attache to H M Embassy, Paris. He married a Miss Charlotte Coltman. English, Circa 1830  Condition report; the wig is in very good condition; all curls appear to be present, small separation in leather trim on each side of front where it meets the sides. These are only in the leather are only visible from under the wig. The tole box has numerous scratches in the paint and the lock is missing.




I previously spoke of the lawyers’ court room dress including the powdered wig here.




Original advertisement or trade card for London wig (peruke) maker D. Cook in the 18th century. The Star and Peruke was located near Lincoln’s Inn Fields on Carey St. where many barristers and lawyers meet today.


The Trade Card reads:

D. Cook, Peruke-maker, Hair Cutter, & Dresser, at the Star & Peruke in Carey Street near Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London. Makes all sorts of Perukes in the Newest Taste. Also Ladies Tates and Locks, made and finish’d in the neatest manner. NB. Merchants maybe supply’d with the best of Goods for Exportation at the lowest price.



Wig maker in Colonial Wiliamsburg

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