Koerner Wine – Clare Valley


In vino veritas:  In wine there is truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Brothers in arms wine are the young winemakers of Koerner Wine producing

premium Clare Valley wines with no chemical intervention that display personality and purity.

Taken in May this year the image features my nephews, young men representing the next generation of viti-culturalists and winemakers.



Koerner Wine 

Koerner Wine (FB) is journaled quite regularly with updates including when new wines are available and so forth.

Our wines are produced using sustainable viticulture practices, indigenous yeasts, no fining or filtration and only minimal sulphur additions. They are hand bottled and labeled.

Our aim is to express the fruit purity of each individual variety as well as the terroir the vines are grown on.





Great Wall of wine at Koerner Wine



Vintage 2016 (V16)


February brings vintage and harvesting the ripe grapes. Vintage 2016 (V16)

Rows and rows of them of vines.  Trellised vineyards.  

I grew up at Leasingham with 8 siblings.  It’s a rustic little hamlet, a blink-and-you-miss-it little place set among vineyards with a handful of farm houses and cottages dotting the landscape. We lived in one of those houses.  

It’s much the same now even with the addition of modern commercial developments such as an art gallery, a tourist park, accommodation at Clare Valley Villages, wineries and cellar door outlets which came much later and after I left home years ago.


Just to the south of Clare, is the pretty hamlet of Leasingham, named after a parish in Lincolnshire, England. The soils here are rich alluvial deposits over limestone, which sustain some of the region’s richest viticultural lands. It has given its name to one of Clare Valley’s most prominent wineries.

Leasingham was one of the many resting places for men who carted ore from the Burra mines in the 1850s. It’s still a hospitable spot – hpme to wineries, accommodation, art gallery and a tourist park. 




A view of Horrocks Highway going south through Leasingham from Watervale to Auburn.

The capital city of South Australia is Adelaide about an hour and a half south. The road sign means we slow down to 80 kms/hr through Leasingham.  The speed sign is on the left because we drive on the left here.   Whereis Watervale


Damon and Jono.



Jono looks utterly worn out.  Who wouldn’t want a long glass of French wine after a week of marketing wine around Sydney and Melbourne!  Looks like it’s a 2013 VOSNE-ROMANEE Les Quartiers De Nuits.  

Clare Valley


Looks like he’s had a hard day supervising grape pickers.



The vineyards at Leasingham and Watervale July 2016


…. and that’s a wrap!

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