~ vintage suitcases vintage patina ~



Need I say anything about these old beauties?

Vintage patina in a few old suitcases, part of my small collection of well-loved, well-travelled luggage. Can’t have too much of this ambience.




If vintage luggage could talk.  I wonder where these old pieces have been?  Travel, travel the world. Never stop.  Keep reading.




The easy thing, the nice thing, the utilitarian thing about vintage cases and trunks, is that they can be utilised in numerous ways for all sorts of purposes.

They can be left as is,  they can be painted and decorated.

Personally I would not paint or cover in any way these particular original pieces.  I like them because of that, for their originality, their wear and tear, their rusty bits, the dings and dents.




Not only were they made as luggage.  Remember the little school cases?  I remember sometimes getting a new school case at Christmas ready for the new school year in February.


Back in the early 70s we recycled used school cases as storage units for  dolls clothes especially Barbie and all her paraphernalia.  Barbie and Ken attracted a lot of accoutrements!  I have four younger sisters so I know about Barbie dolls!




Not only are they useful as decorative items as I’m using at home here but great for functional furniture.


Obviously for storage but also as props for theatre, photo-shoots or for school plays or as life styling a rustic wedding for example.




Great for hiding those treasures, for craft and toy storage or for storing clothes.


Stack them to make night stands, side tables or coffee tables.  Great as drawers, shelves, or placed inside a dresser instead of drawers or fill and slide under the bed.


Have one open on a tabletop to display favorite items. I have seen pictures of suitcases used for all sorts of things. No rules. Great for storing those winter jumpers & sweaters.




All styles. cottage, shabby, modern industrial, rustic, farmhouse, shop display, shabby chic. Decoupage them, paint them, stencil them. Options are endless.


Made from leather, vintage tweed stripe, vellum, antique woven, khaki, canvas, vinyl, faux leather vinyl, vintage metal, covered wood, pressed board, walrus, leather straps, canvas with leather trimming, covered with ties or sleepers of wood, reinforced leather riveted corners, retro, rusty clips and locks, worn, rusted, aged shabby.


Two images showing the use of vintage suitcases as a prop for a baby shoot.




Here, Katas Digita photographers have created a digital backdrop with sweet baby in suitcase.



Jam Photography

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