Vintage Truck RIP – 1940s Morris Commercial






Just minutes from Angaston our little spot is one small part of the tapestry of vineyards, wineries, cellar door outlets, farms, villages and country towns that make up the Barossa Valley region.

Historically, German settled, the Barossa was established by pioneering hard-working people connected by community, religion, customs and long traditions, many of which exist today.




I snapped the two pictures above a few years ago when we first moved here.  I will have to update as there are established trees and shrubs there now. In the hazy distance behind and lower down is the Barossa Valley floor and the town of Nuriootpa.

Sometimes there are crows in  the vineyard but not often. It’s usually flocks of white sulphur crested cockatoos or flocks of rose breasted and grey galahs attempting their gourmand conquests as the grapes ripen.




In God we Trust Rust. Quintessential rusty salvation in this old beauty. Took these shots on my way back from a short stroll on Sunday on what is a cold, wet and foggy morning here in the Barossa.






It’s our vintage circa 1940s Morris Commercial truck rusting in peace (RIP) not far from the house.

Her drab green patina, her rusty edges emerging over time, over the long years as she peacefully ages and mellows. 




Now retired.  Put to pasture. Peacefully her life moves on. Trucking days long over. Continuing, resting in peace (RIP).




Beautiful rust and cobwebs.








What stories does she keep close to her heart?  What life was she born to and understood?

What grunt work did she do, heavy lifting, hauling and carting? How many times did she get bogged and jacked up?

What long and winding roads did she travel? Over hills and valleys, through vineyards, paddocks.










I took the images (above) in the last couple of springs (Sept/Oct/Nov 2014 and 2015) before we moved the truck to make way for earth works down the front of the house. The other pictures above are the truck where it is situated now and since her move.  I have more to come.

Just had to include the following images of some old 1940s Morris Commercials.  Love the rust!


RIP 1940s Morris Commercial Truck or Lorry


Rust and Rusty


Morris Commercial art


‘There were about 30 vintage caravans displayed. The unit above is owned by Ian James and is a 1948 Morris Commercial, towing a 1950 home made caravan.’ Historic Trucks


RIP 1940s Rusty Morris Commercial Truck

Rust in Peace

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