2 Blind Disciplines

Justice & Wine Tasting – the 2 Great Philosophies of Life

A man who was fond of wine was offered some grapes at dessert after dinner. ‘Much obliged,’ said he, pushing the dish away from him, ‘but I am not in the habit of taking my wine in pills.’ Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, 1755-1826 (Paris) was a French lawyer & politician & gained fame as an epicure & French gastronome, “The Physiology of Taste”

I live in the heart of Australia’s top wine country, the Barossa Valley in South Australia, the mother of all wine country, the dirt-mother in fact.

The Barossa Valley is rolling hills & valleys of magnificent gum-studded vineyards . . . it’s about wine – the nectar of the gods & much more . . . .  Barossa Valley means big wine, big vines, big grapes, picking grapes, harvest, vintage & vintages, big full moons, the harvest moon.  It’s about crushing, stomping & treading grapes for red wine, white wine, pink wine, clear wine, this wine, that wine & more wine.  that’s right, the wine never stops!  It’s mixed, blended, created, tasted, sipped & swirled.  Palate.  Tongue.  Swish.  Swirl.  Don’t swallow!  Oh, no, mustn’t swallow!  Just gargle, savour & spit.  It’s tasted, drunk & enjoyed with cheese & olives & crackers & bread & olive oil & mettwurst.  Food.  Fresh food.  The Farmers Market.  Big Food.  Big meat. Big salad.  Gourmet.  Slow food.  Dining.  Eating.  Baking.  Cooking.  Sharing.  Celebrating.  Savouring.

Barossa is foodie home. It’s the wine savant’s heaven or, as I say, the mother of all wine country in Australia – the dirt mother.


Is there anything better than wine soup for an old lawya’s soul?  It’s like chicken soup for the soul only tons better!


Indeed my life is guided by two blind disciplines:  JUSTICE & WINE TASTING ~ the two great philosophies of life.



Um, cheating.


Hey you, peeking is cheating.



And you can’t cheat at wine tasting, or judging, by peeking out from under the blindfold! This gentleman does it right.

(Image courtesy Murphys Atlanta Restaurant)




Hey, ladies, that’s definitely not the way to exercise blind discipline at a wine tasting!



Shinas Estate Wines (Victoria, Australia)

Have you noticed the law & justice theme displayed on some of the labels at Shinas Estate?  It’s a micro boutique winery in Mildura making handcrafted wines the traditional way.

Our wine-making secrets and method have been passed down through the generations.


A sample of the wines : the Verdict Cabernet Sauvignon, the Executioner Shiraz, the Sweet Justice Moscato, the Innocent Viognier & the Guilty Shiraz, wines at their finest.



Sweet Justice

I’m thinking something along these lines as wine for the office, wine for:  a verdict always, guilty sometimes, innocent sometimes, sweet justice sometimes all topped off with a little executioner.

Of course, you can’t now be capitally punished in Australia.



The Verdict 2014 (label)

The results are in and the “Verdict” (Cabernet Sauvignon) has been delivered. Like the Guilty and the Innocent, only a “lucky few will ever get to taste it”.The jury is no longer out – the Verdict is in.


The Guilty

We opened “The Guilty” and poured ourselves a good measure. Sat back after a hard days work and took a good swig. After a few seconds we looked at each other, smiled, and quickly ordered a case. Damn good shiraz, and very smooth.


The Executioner 2013 (label)

The Executioner is a blend of Shiraz 55%, Cabernet Sauvignion 43% and Viognier 2% it’s produced from our premium vineyard and is our Flag Ship wine.The Executioner is a wine worth dying for, production is so small it’s a crime punishable by death.